Ben Kraftwerx - Entre los Ejes

Next up in the 2019 release cycle is a collection of loner folk ragas by none other than Ben Kraftwerx H.I.M.self. Entre los Ejes (SH034) is two sides of improvisational DIY electric guitar soli, filtered through the sweeping canyons of Zion and the dense rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula.

Marking a departure from the acoustic fingerpicking sounds of his 2016 EP "parsnips", "Entre los Ejes" finds Ben Kraftwerx plugged-in and strumming trance-like patterns and sequences, in search of the lost chord. With nods to the all guitar greats and nomadic explorers before him, BK sequesters his amp right between your ears and aims directly for your third eye.

This album is released both digitally and as a limited edition run of 25 cassettes.

Released March 29, 2019

Entre los Ejes - Ben Kraftwerx (SH034):
1. Dogdaze 05:01
2. Zantos 05:02
3. Hi-Desert Crawl 04:29
4. MetaModule 05:29