Ben Kraftwerx - parsnips

For our 23rd release, Ben Kraftwerx delivers a collection of jangly, fingerpickin' acoustic freakouts alongside textured musique concrete incantations. parsnips (SH023) is a bundle of trance-inducing, experimental folk mutations.

These tracks are culled from numerous recording sessions across space & time. Recorded throughout the US in Arizona, Utah, Oregon and North Carolina, Kraftwerx invokes the various phantoms of highways & interstates across North America. Armed with an acoustic guitar and an array of homegrown sonic manipulators, parsnips blends acoustic and electronic sounds while bridging wild experimentation with classical sensibilities.

Ben Kraftwerx will be on the road throughout the US for summer 2016. We'll be releasing a compilation of his road tapes later in the year. In the meantime, check out his textual cutup ebook The Blacksmith at Smuggler's Mine.

parsnips (SH023):
1. Call 2 Prayer 00:45
2. Reptilian Overture 01:30
3. Vibhajjavāda 00:41
4. The Inner-Brainer 02:10
5. Non-Euclidian Mountain Climber 01:20
6. Ghorstwhistle 03:12
7. Parsnips 00:37
8. Thumbin' A Ride 01:41

Ben Kraftwerx: