CO-V.A.L.I.S. - Tour EP

Following up from the Pacific Northwest tour this past summer, here is a collection of unreleased noises and other live oddities from Idol Eyes and Ben Kraftwerx ranging from 2009 to 2016.

This was initially released as a tour-only CDr (SOLD OUT) during the Idol Eyes & Ben Kraftwerx tour and much of this material was used by the duo during a live performance as "CO-V.A.L.I.S." at Corvallis Experiments in Noise XXIII held at Interzone Inc in Corvallis, OR.

11 tracks of blissful noise freakouts that transform from tranquil to aggressive with the flip of a switch. The sounds mirror the artist's environment while travelling through the arcane old-growth forests of the Olympic Peninsula and Willamette Valley. Homemade electronics and damaged samplers gurlge, wheeze and sputter as the duo invokes ancient intelligence grafted from fallen logs and mossy stones.

Tour EP (SH024):
1. Hangar Battle μ2.3 01:49
2. fØØba wØØba jØhn part II (gangster hats) 02:35
3. WikiuϷ 03:33
4. ǴØnna Haffi Dϴ Iτ 05:10
5. Call 2 Prayer (Full Version) 02:46
6. Ǭstrich Lǝgs 02:50
7. Ɇtius Nailitper 01:36
8. Ӌnohtna Dab (Version) 01:38
9. Ṁt. Analoĝue 00:08
10. Nevaeh Ǿt Yawriats 12:47
11. Live Invo¢ations (23rd Annual Report) 04:49