DIE - Sand Land

DIE - Sandland (SH014) cassette

This sprawling desert narrative runs about an hour per side and covers everything from fuzzy deconstructed songs to blissful ambient meditations.

Side A presents itself as a alt-pop erosion with classics like How Could You Know? and Steal You before erasing the mood into obscurity, taking the listener through innerspace.

Side B gives the listener a vast array of sonic space to exist within. With tracks like R.I.P.J.A.M. and Rising the listener is treated with far away sounds of nostalgia which are increasingly engulfed by waves of reverb and delay.


Side A:
1. I.M.F.V.K.N.L.V.
2. Sand Land
3. In the Land of Sand
4. How Could You Know?
5. In the Land of Sand (Act 2)
6. Steal You
7. Caborca
8. In the Land of Sand (Act 3)
9. I Don't Feel Real
10. T.L.K.N.G
11. X.S.
12. Jupiter

Side B:
1. Xitebike
2. In the Land of Sand (Act 4)
3. IO
4. R.I.P.J.A.M.
5. In the Land of Sand (Act 5)
6. Sand Land 2
7. Rising
8. Last Recording