DONOSTIA - Disappear

ACCEPT WHAT IS OFFERED AND FEEL YOUR WAY THROUGH THE CAVERNS OF YOUR OWN DECAY... New Music video from DONOSTIA. The Industrial pop singer/synthesist has released his debut video for the single "Disappear" just in time for All Hallows Eve... Watch him disappear soon.

The video was shot in ABQ, New Mexico, USA about 30 minutes east of town in the woods. Featuring images of stone burial mounds, coyote faced prowlers, desolate fields and haunted silhouttes of rolling hills, "Disappear" sets the stage for a new take on lofi diy synth pop. Blending a natural aesthetic with the cold iron pulse of synths & drum machines, DONOSTIA's theatrical vocal delivery hints at a new era of foreboding pop classics.

The new project from DSS, the mind behind IXVIIV (ADHD Lo-Fi), shows a newfound interest in musical synthesis and sequencing. Stay tuned for his upcoming EP in the not-too-distant future....