Gregg Skloff - Mamua Baso Suite

Our semi-monthly release cycle continues with a true heavy-hitter for the month of February. Gregg Skloff brings us a massive coastal drone opus in 4-parts on his latest tape "Mamua Baso Suite" (SH033).

Using a mutable mixture of contrabass, objects and effects, Gregg conjurs dense walls of hallucinatory fogscapes and textured tones. The music is both physical and incorporeal, all at once. Described as "sonic reflections on sudden dispossession...", each track evokes an isolated landscape, filled with concrete drones and ghostly ambience.

This album is released both digitally and as a limited edition run of 25 cassettes.

released February 22, 2019

Mamua Baso Suite - Gregg Skloff (SH033):
1. Myth Point 09:02
2. Coastline Berth 08:28
3. Bare Byway 09:08
4. Roasted Air 08:43