Idol Eyes - Neoteny

Here it is, first release of 2018! Idol Eyes is back with a long playing tape of slow burning dirges, jams and hyperdimensional sonic manipulations on "Neoteny" (SH029).

Recorded during a torrential downpour of precipitation in Portland OR, "Neoteny" finds Idol Eyes knee-deep in heavy psych territory exploring various evolutionary cycles of birth and decay.

On first listen the album might seem like a bummer trip. Side 1 keeps the listener stuck in the mud for the lengthy title track dirge, while Side 2 reassembles the listener in a new evolutionary fashion and sends them off into the ether to repeat the cycle again.

Using walls of field recordings stacked on top of sludgy riffs and analog synthesizers, Idol Eyes creates a unique sonic journey filtered through decaying moss and old growth.

Idol Eyes - Neoteny (SH029):
A1. Neoteny 05:13
A2. Neoteny pt 2 15:23
A3. Neoteny pt 3 02:18
B1. Semantic Coordinates 6:48
B2. Heterochrony 5:31
B3. Heterochrony pt 2 4:31

Idol Eyes: