Idol Eyes - Jiya Dhareka (Expanded Edition) Cassette

SunHypnotic re-release's Jiya Dhareka (Expanded Edition) on cassette (SH001). Limited run, each package individually handmade. Initially released on international experimental label DeepWhiteSound in 2008, this version contains 3 extra songs from sessions that the album spawned from. Explore the noises beyond the bastard canyon.

1. Dialator Per Lionteardrop
2. Sun,Hynoptic!
3. At the Baptist Hospital
4. Thinkpeace
5. Wall of Thrones
6. Sidewalks in A Major
7. In the Mexican Zoo, they have ordinary American Cows
8. Kraut Mantra
9. Le-Roi Lives Life Laughing
10. That's all Folks!

Watch out for the next Idol Eyes album "ZAIZHONGGUO" coming in August!!