Monsoon Moods // Es war sommer

SunHypnotic Podcast#2: Es War Somer // Monsoon Moods:

heres an hour of summer jams, dirges, bliss-outs and hymns from different groups in AZ
(and one from SF)

Mixed by A. Craze in the summer of 2012


don piano - eric johnson presents
guizian - creepin
new fast - intro / untitled
idol eyes - outside the s.i.a.s. wall
arbiten - o.j. to these people
csml - july frulicher blumenkeit
ac grĂ¼ns - nibiru (redacted mix)
ben kraftwerk - lizard overature
pat flannigan - pyramid power // neurophone
don piano - ginger faker's chair force
caviar & cigarettes - whisssper (964.) (idol eyes tiny headphones mix)
csml - prelude for a caucas race
arbeiten - und wir sagen
csml - mexican hate jam
guizian - ascensions (reeds)
don piano - snacktotum
new fast - beast of the east valley
csml - race war dub
idol eyes - le roi lives life laughing
don piano - weasels ripped my taint
ix vi iv - trephining laugh outro