Psicomagia [single] - Idol Eyes

We are excited to announce a new single from Idol Eyes! A spooky western psych tune, just in time for fall; Psicomagia conjures up images of canyons filled with backwards-masked guitars and minor-chord changes twanging away at your sanity.

The sun is fading and a thick fog rolls in. You are standing in a meadow, watching the leaves begin to change. The sky is radiating a pink & orange energy that transmits peptides through your central nervous system. A hidden alphabet appears through photosynthesis, locution not withstanding. A single thought wraps around your brain, permeating each pore with the musk of the natural order.

Idol Eyes has been working on his first new batch of original music since 2013 (ZAIZHONGGUO / Frameworks ). Psicomagia plays as an homage to sprawling landscapes, eigenvectors and psychotropic country blues. The B Side contains a mirrored reflection, refracted into infinite space for eons and eons.


01 Psicomagia
02 Aigamocisp

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