Soapcheese / Magical Trash Split

Brand new cassette single split between Soapcheese and Magical Trash. Limited edition cassingle SH027 released on Sept 1.

Soapcheese hails from the deserts of PHX AZ, creating hyper-kinetic electro funk with walls of dreamy synths and stuttering drum machines.

Magical Trash is an Amsterdam-via-Portland synth-punk artist with an interest in texture and form. This track (Staring At The Sun) effortlessly blends ambient synths with moody post-punk sensibilities.

Soapcheese / Magical Trash Cassette Split (SH027):
A1. Soapcheese - Prototype Arms 05:02
B1. Magical Trash - Starting At The Sun 7:21


Magical Trash: