Southwest Circular cassette [SH-015]

Here we go... last official release of 2014! SWC cassette bringing you the multi-dimensional sounds of the high desert.

Southwest Circular is a trio of telekinetic sound-makers dwelling in the deserts of the American southwest. Their work is summoned from the spirits of dub reggae, country blues, sun stroke and funny tasting cactii.

The protagonist of their eponymous debut album is a creature named Tull, accidentally and spontaneously invoked during the early days of jam. In the resulting encounter, the mythology presented itself to the three - they slowly realized that it was not them playing, but in fact Tull himself, presented through (a) rock.

In early 2014, Tull began an attempt to overtake the Crimean peninsula. A fierce battle raged with no militia, armed conflict or underhandedness, just pure intentions. Being a humble agronomist, his modus operandi hinged upon the destruction of the oil economy and its replacement with the next wave, already evident in certain western states. (Tull loves the land, the pigs, and especially the sheep; he'll glady stand up, next to you)

This album documents the unexpected assault and subsequent aftermath; an internalized psychoanalysis of Tull's third person zeitgeist, touching upon the themes of power, hedonistic ritual, western family structures and nach-der-postmodern-kultur.

While Tull does overtake Crimea, he is injured during the battle, suffering brain damage which caused a life altering shift of perception. It is here where the true battle occurs as Tull struggles against the foot soldiers of the simulacrum of babylon, ultimately to be extinguished in the anguished realization of his own self-referentiality. The final tracks remind us that history is written by (the) Victor (himself). When the battle is over and the war bonds come due, there's always the human rights tribunal and ceremonial execution to look forward to.

Recorded at the Dub Chapel in Tempe, AZ during the summer of 2014, using only free software and first takes.

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Side 1:
1. Sneak Attack
2. El Fiend de Semana
3. AramaicOC (Bethlehem's Finest)
4. Saturday Night in South Tempe
5. Tull Takes Crimea

Side 2:
1. Brain Damage
2. Battle Royale
3. Goodbye Timos
4. Secret Track

Total Runtime: 50 mins