The Blacksmith at Smugglers Mine

The dawn of a new era, Sun Hypnotic's first text release!

Textual cut-ups performed by time, entropy and Ben Kraftwerx himself. Conjured during a month-long exodus across the highways of North America, this collection of unconscious hiccups harken back to an era of craftmanship over both the physical and meta-physical realms. Expanding upon the idea of Gysin & Burrough's third mind, B.K. gleans some morsels out from the old scraps of yesteryear.

Containing 6 expositions full of linguistic gymnastics, the collections also includes accompanying pictures of a forgotten way of life nestled in the hills of North America.

This is the first release in what will hopefully become the Sun Hypnotic Text series. There have been talks about starting the SUNHYPNOTIC HYMNAL... a collection of ramblings, musings, rants, trips, freakouts and more...stay tuned for more experimental music & media!


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