Xmas Smeeches Madness

UPDATE: Our Youtube account got banned when we uploaded all the songs from Smeeches!!

Our collection of beloved holiday bastardizations was thrown some serious shade on Youtube in early December.

After further investigation into why the account was terminated, apparently automating the process of uploading your video directly from iMovie is forbidden now according to the Community Guidelines... which is bogus since I've been doing that for over a year.

What I think the real bummer is, is the fact that over 2 years of videos have been taken down as well (without as much of a warning too!)... many of which I do not have the original files for....but such is life. Might need to make the switch to Vimeo next...

In the mean time, we are giving out all the Xmas Smeeches albums below.... also listen to the retrospective we posted on 8tracks:

Free Downloads:
Xmas Smeeches
Xmas Smeeches II
Xmas Smeeches III (Smeeches the Third)